As you work to improve the ability for practice owners/directors to use PQ to better administrate the HR side of the practice, it would be really helpful if there was a way to create internal, administrative documents that could be shared between directors/supervisors and counselors/practitioners. Some items I'm thinking about are: weekly/monthly load reports; quarterly reviews; case consultation reports, onboarding documentation; HR forms.
The only way I've been able to figure out a "work-around" is to create a client profile for each counselor, but this is kind of clunky and can become confusing to the counselor when the same email address is used to sign in to their counselor profile, as well as to the own client profile. This is also confusing for messaging back and forth (i.e, do they use the client profile to message, or the Team Messaging portal?) and setting/assigning tasks (i.e., do I create and assign task for counselors associated with their client profile or their counselor role?).
Ideally, just as I can store individual files with clients, I should be able to store individual files related to individual practitioners (in a practitioner profile). This would allow me to create all the HR/tax forms/etc. within IQ and do on-boarding of new practitioners completely within PQ. This would also allow me to create various HR-related reports within IQ to do all my monthly, quarterly, and/or annual assessments and reviews within PQ.
In short, if each practitioner had a unique "profile" (like a client) with which the both practice owner/administrator and the practitioner could interact would create the ability for practitioners and owners/administrators to send, complete, review, and store documents--like clients fill out forms, surveys, journals, etc.—and for all of that to be associated with a unique counselor and house completely within PQ. Additionally, combining this with the functionality of Team Messaging and Task Management (for communication, task assignments) would push PQ toward true practice management for practice owners/administrators.