1) It would be fantastic if there was a way for us to add additional questions (much like the ones we can add to booking services) for when people cancel or reschedule.
For example, I have one insurance that requires that I note the reason that a client cancelled (sick, vacation, emergency, no-show). At the end of the authorization, I have to total the number of each type of cancelation. Having clients checkmark when they're rescheduling or canceling, and then having a way to see that information at a glance (either through the appointments list or other setting), would seriously save so much time.
2) Additionally, it would be great if we could limit how often people can reschedule appointments. I mention this because I've had people "reschedule" a session to the next week, then reschedule both sessions for that week to the third week, and then reschedule all 3 of those sessions to a 4th week. I would like to set it so that if someone is trying to reschedule the same appointment a second time, it is just marked as cancel, and they are directed to book a new appointment.